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ACI’s Gasification 2019 Summit will be taking place 13th – 14th March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Gasification offers advantages over competing technologies in the processing of a variety of feedstocks into a diverse range of desirable products with more value and potential applications than the raw material itself. This product flexibility as well as the versatility and efficiency of gasification, make it an attractive technology now and for the future.

Many countries and enterprises are focusing extensive programs on performing the research, development, and demonstration necessary to maximise the potential for gasification in the future.

ACI’s 8th Gasification conference will showcase the latest developments in the sector and provide key insights from senior executives in the industry to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire gasification market.

A complete Gasification 2019 agenda can be download at:

Sample list of confirmed attendees including senior representatives from:

Shell | Engie | SENER | Gasunie | Repsol | RWE Power AG | ECN | TOTAL RC On Behalf Of Bionext | N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie | Chalmers | Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology | Fluor | Galp Energia, S.A. | Rambøll Denmark | Kobolde & Partners AB | Energy Technologies Institute | Luleå University Of Technology | European Biogas Association | Higman Consulting GmbH | Enerkem Inc. | Vienna University Of Technology, IEA Bioenergy Task 33 | Institute For Chemical Processing Of Coal | NNFCC The Bioeconomy Consultants | Technical University Of Munich – Institute For Energy Systems | Clean Coal Technology Centre | Swedish Centre For Biomass Gasification & Luleå University Of Tech | Navigant | Axens On Behalf Of Bionext | XYLOWATT SA | ISCC |  LanzaTech | CNIM | Giprokoks | Sysadvance | IDEM Projecten & Advies BV | GasTerra B.V. | UMEA University | Yosemite Clean LLC | Bioendev | Refgas Ltd | CRM Group | KIRAM | BORSIG Process Heat Exchanger GmbH | Cogen UK | Jiamphattana Energy Group Co.,Ltd | Ingenieurbuero Dr.-Ing. Georg Markowz | PULSAR DA TERRA | Hong Jing Metal Corporation | Ematco BVBA | Cargill NV (Belgium) | MATERIA NOVA ASBL and many others

Registration is simple – I will send you a registration form to be signed and emailed (or faxed) back to me the same day. Once I have the signed form back, I’ll secure your discounted space for the event. In terms of payment, there are 2 options available – you can either pay with a debit/credit card or invoice, payable within five working days.
As we are closing registration this Friday, 8th March, 2019, please confirm your participation as soon as possible.

£170 subscriber discount

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