Sunrun introduces Brightbox Solar Battery Service to Massachusetts

Sunrun which is the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company is augmenting its home solar battery service to Massachusetts. Sunrun’s Brightbox solar battery service provides households with peace of mind in case of an outage , remarkable cost savings and reliable backup electricity without the noise emissions. With introductory pricing of $1,000 upfront, Brightbox will change the way Bay Staters power through the storm.

Estimates suggest that around two million people on thee East Coast were left without power due to another bomb cyclone. Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents were facing immense inconvenience owing to power outages. It is to be noted that Massachusetts ranks among the 10 states most heavily impacted by power outages owing to natural disasters.

Lynn Jurich, Sunrun Chief Executive Officer and co-founder said “Last year, Massachusetts had one of the highest outage rates in the country. Unfortunately, this number is increasing every year. Rooftop solar, together with a home battery, provides both reliable power and significant cost savings. Massachusetts has been a champion of innovative clean energy technologies, and Sunrun is delighted to bring our Brightbox home battery service to the Commonwealth. Brightbox offers Bay Staters a clean, affordable and resilient way to power their homes, even when the grid is down.”

The Brightbox battery stores solar power generated during the day which can then be utilized during grid power outages. Brightbox replaces noisy natural gas or diesel generators commonly used for backup power. This could have significant environmental benefits in Massachusetts, which is one of the heaviest generator-using states in the U.S.



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