Sunpreme Partners with Honeywell Process Solutions

Sunpreme announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) to integrate Sunpreme’s bifacial smart modules with HPS smart connectivity offerings for commercial and industrial installations.

Sunpreme’s bifacial smart solar modules provide both high power and high energy yield which are critically important for all space-constrained applications. They will be coupled with Honeywell’s solar power plant management hardware and software offerings in order to provide commercial and industrial clients with even higher returns on their investment over the lifetime of their projects.

“We are excited to partner with a world-class company like Honeywell at such a strategic level,” said Dr. Ashok Sinha, Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme. “This alliance sets us up for a bright collaborative future in serving the fast growing $25B global commercial and industrial market.”

Eren Ergin, General Manager at Honeywell Process Solutions, said, “Our mission is to deliver renewable energy solutions, using highly advanced hardware and software technologies to maximize asset performance and productivity across the project life-cycle. Sunpreme is an ideal collaborator because they offer one of the best performing modules in the industry.”

“Adding the comprehensive plant management capabilities of Honeywell Process Solutions to existing and future installations of Sunpreme modules will maximize the benefits to our customers,” commented Dr. Moris Kori, Chief Strategy Officer of Sunpreme.

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