Solar Ventures aims 1GW ‘grid-parity’ projects in Italy, Spain

Milan-based independent power producer, Solar Ventures Srl has declared plans to re-enter the Italian solar market and to invest in large-scale “grid-parity” solar projects across Italy and Spain.

As for its new investments in Italy, from which Solar Ventures exited after the
incentive scheme Conto Energia was closed, the company said its decision to reenter
was mainly due to a reduction in the cost of PV systems and Italy’s new
National Energy Strategy, which is targeting around 30 GW of new solar by 2030.
The company claims that costs of large-scale solar in Italy are now below €1 million
per MW installed, and that long-term PPAs for big projects can be set at market

Talks with energy companies in Italy to sign long-term PPA contracts are
already underway, the company added in its statement.
“I’m particularly satis×ed to note that market parity has been reached in Italy and
Spain in such a short timeframe: it’s a strong sign that renewables – and
photovoltaics in particular – represent a real solution for the energy transition
today,” said CEO, Michele Appendino.


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