See how RWM find a permanent and safe solution to manage radioactive waste

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Video: Insight of RWM work on finding a permanent and safe solution to manage radioactive waste.

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) is pleased to launch a new information film today, providing an insight in to its work to find a permanent, safe solution to managing the UK’s most radioactive waste.

The ‘Road to Delivery’ is now available to view on YouTube. It explains how RWM is taking forward a major project to deliver a geological disposal facility (GDF) in which the waste will be disposed of in carefully engineered chambers deep underground. International consensus is that geological disposal is the safest solution for the disposal of such radioactive waste and we work very closely with our sister organisations around the world.

The film shows how waste can be treated and packaged for disposal in the facility, an activity which is already underway. RWM sets stringent requirements for this and works closely with waste producers to ensure these are safely met.

Later on, the film looks at how RWM will identify a suitable site for the GDF. This includes ongoing work with the British Geological Survey to bring together what is known about the geology of the UK and to understand how this will impact on the ability of an area to host the GDF.

RWM is committed to working in partnership with local communities to find a suitable site; a site will only be taken forward if the local community supports it. The film explains how community engagement stands at the very heart of RWM’s work, including a recent example where RWM scientists helped to deliver science lessons in a primary school.

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