NRC approves key safety aspect to NuScale Power’s advanced reactor design

U.S Nuclear regulatory commission declares that application of NuScale’s Power’s safety design approach rejects the need for class 1E power for a small modular reactor.  Class 1E is the regulatory standard set for the design of safety-related nuclear power plant electrical systems. Safety Evaluation Report, the NRC approves NuScale Power’s “Safety Classification of Passive Nuclear Power Plant Electrical Systems” Licensing Topical Report, where the company established the bases of how a design can be safe without dependence on any safety-related electrical power.

NuScale Power Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer Dale Atkinson stated “Our approach to safety is a first in the nuclear industry and exemplifies the inherent safety of NuScale’s SMR. This validation brings us another step closer to achieving our mission of delivering scalable advanced nuclear technology to produce the electricity, process heat, and clean water needed to improve the quality of life for people around the world.”

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