NEP Adds Solar to Condo Microgrid, cuts energy costs by 21%

Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) has partnered with the New Albany Park Condominium Association on a project to help develop a 25kW solar energy system within their condo community and cut energy cost by 21%.

This partnership will bring a solar solution to the complex. Construction on the rooftop solar energy system is expected to be completed this summer. The solar energy system will be located on the complex’s clubhouse and the electricity generated will offset most of New Albany Park’s clubhouse usage. The system will be installed at no capital cost to the Association. The Association will also receive a monthly credit as a result of its agreement with NEP.

President of the New Albany Park Condominium Association,  Niki Summerlot said that New Albany Park is a great place to live and with solar, it will be even better. Through their discussions with residents, it was clear that they wanted clean renewable energy because it makes financial and environmental sense. By adding solar to their NEP-installed microgrid, they will be able to offset electricity used at their clubhouse and reduce costs for their residents.

NEP will make an investment in advanced metering systems and technology solutions at New Albany Park. These technologies are an essential part of the behind-the-meter microgrid that allows property owners and developers to add renewable energy, increase insights from energy data, and improve demand response. A study from the U.S. Department of Energy found that submetering cuts energy costs by 21%.

NEP CEO, Gary Morsches Submetering said that it is a gateway for energy innovation, allowing property owners and developers to think outside the box and create a microgrid onsite. With submetered microgrids, properties can lower energy costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and proactively and economically add value to resident.

New Albany Park Condominiums has 436 units and includes amenities such as a clubhouse, meeting room, pool house/deck, pond, and fountain.

Nationwide Energy Partners also provides maintenance, monitoring, and billing services to New Albany Park for resident electricity, water, and common area usage.

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