NEB : Canada’s Non-Hydro Renewable Power Capacity Surges By 8% In 2016

National Energy Board’s 2017 update of the Canada’s Power Landscape 2017 report states that Canada’s non- hydro renewable power capacity continues to mark an upswing as it grew by more than eight percent in 2016 thus adding an estimate of 1,300 MW of solar, biomass and wind- generated power.

Canada witnessed 66% renewable electricity generation in 2016 with non- hydro renewables amounting to 7.2% and hydro accounting for 58.8%. 80.6% of Canada’s electricity was eco-friendly devoid of greenhouse gases emission on addition of nuclear power.

Canada has consistently shown a progressive trend since 2005 that witnessed switching to power generation from natural gas and wind thus routing coal burning.

The NEB report endorses Canada’s trends that certainly abide by their regulatory norms. As part of its ongoing market monitoring, the report features a number of statistics from energy supply to demand and infrastructure. The National Energy Board is a sovereign regulator of various sectors of Canada’s energy industry. Keeping in mind the public interests posing safety as its primary concern, NEB endeavors to monitor pipelines, energy development and trade.

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