Mel Kroon set to demit TenneT as CEO

Come the second half of 2018 and TenneT will witness resignation from Mel Kroon who desires to demit office from the post of CEO appointed way back in 2002. The supervisory board is on the hunt for the next CEO.  Mel Kroon remains in office till the hunt is complete. During his tenure, it is noteworthy that Mel Kroon developed TenneT into a leading European high voltage grid operator, with an unparalleled security of supply performance for its 41 million end users. During the last two decades, TenneT saw its asset value increase from 500 million Euros to over 20 billion Euros.

Mel Kroon commented: “It has been, and it still is, a privilege and pleasure to work for TenneT. In the 20th anniversary year of TenneT, it seems a good moment to pass on the helm to a new leader. TenneT has a great future ahead, facing challenges in the further integration of the European electricity markets, the ongoing digitization of the electricity system and the expansion of the infrastructure needed to cope with the vast amounts of sustainable electricity. I am happy that the Supervisory Board is taking sufficient time to find my successor and secure a smooth transition.”

To name a few remarkable events in TenneT’s history to enumerate the acquisition of the 110kV and 150kV grids from the Dutch regional grid operators in 2007 and the takeover of the German grid operator Transpower in 2010. TenneT has accomplished a position as key facilitator of the German Energiewende, by successfully integrating dramatically increasing volumes of green electricity into the grid, onshore and offshore. Now, more than ten cross-border connections on land and at sea are in operation, all adding to the consolidation of the North West European market.

Image Source: TenneT

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