Integrated Ramboll Energy to cater to dynamic world energy market

Ramboll Energy and Ramboll Oil and Gas merge to function as one integrated unit that aims to achieve sustainability by switching to renewable sources of energy. The unit encompasses 4,000 projects approximately. When Ramboll forayed into the 2016 Chinese market on a large offshore wind farm, Ramboll energy provided the engineering for the 100 extra resilient steel turbine foundations that crucial for n area susceptible to earthquakes and soft soil conditions, while Oil & Gas provided the design for 400 MW substations. The main reason behind the integration is the ever-evolving and dynamic world energy market and rising demand for renewable. Players like Total and Statoil are also in the pipeline to accommodate advanced strategies to ensure an eco- friendly switch. A global drop in oil prices might further accelerate the market demand and supply.

Thomas Rand, Managing Director of the new Ramboll Energy unit claimed: “With our combined service we will have 1,500 employees dedicated to renewable and conventional energy locally and globally.”

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