GE to install GE’s Predix Operations Optimization Software at Akenerji Thermal plant

GE and Akenerji announced that they have signed an agreement to deploy GE’s Predix based Operations Optimization (OO) solutions at its 904 MW natural gas combined cycle power plant in Erzin Hatay, Turkey in late 2017. These services, combined with digital solutions, provide Akenerji’s plant operators with GE‘s Fleet360 platform of customized plant solutions to help improve performance and extend maintenance intervals.

The OO software applications slated for implementation at Akenerji’s power plant can provide numerous operational benefits such as improved reliability and availability via enhanced predictivity, accurate performance monitoring and forecasting capability, dispatch optimization via better visibility into plant capability, and lower production costs and asset generation forecasting capability for improved asset dispatch.

Akenerji CEO, Serhan Gencer said that to compete more effectively in Turkey’s complex market environment, innovative solutions are needed for operators like them. GE’s advanced digital solutions will provide them, at every level of operation, increased visibility and insights to their KPI focused analytics to help improve overall plant efficiency and performance, while simultaneously meeting their compliance, regulatory and emission goals.

GE Power chief digital officer, Ganesh Bell said that customers using these advanced digital solutions within their plants are seeing real economic value .These improvements could yield up to a 3% MW increase in output, a 3% fuel efficiency improvement, and up to $2MM per year in outage reduction.

Image Source: GE

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