EMEC invites MaRINET 2 applications to access centre’s test facilities

In a bid to permit wind, wave and tidal energy developers, supply chain companies from accessing the center’s test facilities, European marine energy centre is inviting maRINET 2 applications that to test marine energy devices, components or subsystems for short to medium term durations. Access to test centre’s facilities includes four offshore sites and a range of associated testing equipment. EMEC seeks to receive applications from companies that are into developing systems and components for the offshore energy sector, including wind, wave and tidal energy technologies latest by 28th February 2018.

Matthew Finn, Senior Business Development Manager at EMEC states “MaRINET provides emerging technology developers with an excellent route to testing their machines at EMEC and working with the Orkney supply chain that has unprecedented experience of marine energy deployments. The companies that tested at EMEC through the first MaRINET project found that the learning generated from deploying in the sea has been invaluable to the development of their technologies.

“As well as device developers, we would also like to encourage companies from across the European supply chain to consider whether running a test and demonstration project in the sea at EMEC could add value to their products.”

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