Crown Estate Scotland-led study to review economic opportunities of wind projects in Scotland

Crown Estate Scotland- led study to examine the economic opportunities of floating wind projects in Scotland thereby assuring the UK Government to curate policy decisions that encourage industry growth. The floating wind industry is currently at its nascent stage but may have significant potential for Scottish companies. There are currently a further two test and demonstration scale projects with planning consent from Marine Scotland and seabed rights from Crown Estate Scotland.

Sian Wilson, Senior Development Manager at Crown Estate Scotland said, “We want to find out the scale of the economic benefits – jobs, supply chain and exports – from growing the Scottish floating wind industry. The results of this study will help UK government and others take policy decisions on how to support development. As the low carbon economy grows and the world needs cleaner, green energy, there is potentially a great opportunity for Scotland and the wider UK in ensuring we make the most of our competitive advantage.”

Floating wind enables access to high wind resource in deep waters as compared to fixed wind that yields expensive results to build deeper waters in areas witnessing favorable wind conditions. Scottish waters are deeper closer to shore, providing the ideal opportunity for expanding the offshore wind industry.

Image Source:  Crown Estate Scotland

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