Canadian Solar, Photowatt, ECM Greentech forms JV to produce low-carbon silicon ingots in France

Canadian Solar, Phtowatt and ECM Greentech declared Joint venture to embark on production of low- carbon silicon ingots and wafers in France. Photowatt, Canadian Solar and ECM Greentech would own 60%, 30% and 10% of the equity in the JV respectively. Partners revolutionized in casting mono technology thereby permitting the JV t offer mono- crystalline silicon solar performance at the multi- crystalline cost as France is claimed to be a pioneer in low carbon ingot and wafers. Eventually the JV is likely to be an adjunct to lowest carbon footprints in manufacturing solar plants.

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Solar Inc commented: “This cooperation is a win-win for each party involved. The French government’s ongoing annual solar energy program of 2,500 MWp tendering, together with EDF Group’s target of building 30 GWp of solar projects in France between 2020 and 2035 will create great opportunities for solar energy market there. We are happy to participate in the leading development of this next generation of low carbon solar energy production. Canadian Solar has over 16 years of manufacturing experience in the solar industry and has deployed over 25 GWs of solar modules around the world. This new carbon technology, coupled with high efficiency will speed up the energy generation grid parity.”

Image Source: EDF EN Canada

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