Black and Veatch to commission 500 MW San Vicente Energy Storage Facility

Black and Veatch to commission 500 MW energy storage facility at the San Vicente Reservoir near Lakeside in San Diego County, California. In a bid to augment the availability and efficiency of renewable energy, project set to deliver  approximately 325,000 homes annually.

SVESF will store energy by pumping water to an upper reservoir when energy demand is low and releasing water from the upper reservoir through turbines when energy demand is high. The “pumped hydro” energy storage solution would support power grid operations and enable significant and sustained integration of renewable wind and solar energy into the power supply mix.  SVESF project includes the establishment of a small reservoir above the existing San Vicente Reservoir as well as a tunnel system and underground powerhouse to connect the two reservoirs.

During off-peak periods, including daytime when renewable energy supplies exceed demand, water would be pumped to the upper reservoir.

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