Better Energy establishes business in the Netherlands

Better Energy has established a new business in the Netherlands together with the management team from Adamant Renewables in Amsterdam.

There is great potential for commercial PV installations in the Netherlands, and there is high demand for experienced full-service partners who can realize large-scale projects efficiently, with low cost of financing and installation, and high technical standards. This is precisely how Better Energy can support the Dutch energy transition.

Better Energy Nederland will be active in the rooftop market, utility-scale ground-mounted projects, as well as floating solar and carport solutions.

“We consider the Netherlands a new home market. This represents a concerted effort and a serious commitment to advance affordable and sustainable solar energy in the Netherlands,” says Managing Partner Mark Augustenborg Ødum of Better Energy.

“We have found a Dutch management team with incredible drive, dedication, and industry expertise that we believe can carve out a leading position in a fast-growing market. With a focused, local team we can react quickly to national demand and market conditions.”

Image Source: Better Energy

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