Atlantis Targeting French Tidal Power Market

Atlantis announced its intention to enter the French tidal market through the establishment of a cooperation agreement with French specialist marine engineering company, INNOSEA which is headquartered in Nantes.

France has the second largest tidal power resource in Europe. In collaboration with INNOSEA, Atlantis is preparing an industrial plan to enter the French market. INNOSEA is advising Atlantis on how to build a French supply chain plan for the manufacture, assembly and distribution of the market leading Atlantis AR1500 tidal turbines as well as foundations and associated transportation and logistics. Regions to be investigated for supply chain potential include Brittany (Région Bretagne), Normandy (Région Normandie), Aquitaine (Région Aquitaine), Pays-de-la-Loire (Région Pays-de-la-Loire), Hauts-de-France (Région Hauts-de-France).

INNOSEA has developed a proprietary marine energy industrial capability directory, which profiles more than 350 organisations in France that have capabilities (products and services) relevant to the marine energy industry. INNOSEA has undertaken an analysis of vessel fleets, operational ports, marshalling yards and logistics companies in order to prepare a local deployment plan for tidal commercial projects in France for Atlantis. INNOSEA has extensive experience with such studies, having previously completed similar scopes of work for the offshore wind supply chain in France. Future work will focus on the requirements of the AR1500 turbine. INNOSEA are currently assessing local partners for civil engineering works, composite, steel or concrete fabrication, turbine assembly, testing and commissioning and component manufacture.

Following the French pilot farm tenders launched by ADEME in 2014, Atlantis is seeking to formally enter and participate in the French tidal power market with immediate aspirations to develop the first tidal array sites in French waters. The cooperation with marine engineering specialist INNOSEA in France will be key for delivering front-end engineering of new arrays in French tidal races such as the Raz Blanchard site in Normandy.

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